Panelex Applications



It is an excellent alternative for ventilated, floating facades, grilles, cortasoles and balconies.

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PANELEX allows the establishment of enclosures and balconies where solids are required. The panels can be installed on any type of grid or special accessories designed for that purpose. They can be installed through any of the cleats, always following the technical recommendations. In this application we recommend using sheets of thickness greater than or equal to 10mm.

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Due to the panel composition and modulation, PANELEX eorks great for installation of ventilated facades, in which insulation and / or thermal regulators are required. It becomes like a floating skin of the building envelope, creating a posterior chamber which can be installed. 1. Fixture 2. Vertical profile 3. Insulator 4. Panelex

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The grids on facades are frecquently used for sun protection, ventilation or as an aesthetic element of security. When installed, the Façade dilated plane, also collaborates in the thermal insulation of the building without damaging the visual esthetics of it. Thanks to its stability and versatility, PANELEX can be cut into linear modules and installed in all types of structures to form grid facades, providing excellent appearance.

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Panelex is an opaque material that blocks or channels light through reflection to control the luminance and the amount of energy that enters the interior through windows or skylights, helping to keep the environment pleasant with stable temperatures and reducing consumption of mechanical conditioning systems.

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